Groombridge Land – Coming out of Age

Groombridge Land – Coming out of Age

Groombridge Land has a rich past starting from the year 1000 AD which is reportedly the time when a military guard was posted to defend the river crossing between the ancient kingdoms of Kent and Sussex. Before the Norman conquest the area around Groombridge was a denn, a medieval pig pasture. The earliest known owner was William Russell, who was granted lordship of the Manor of Groombridge in the 1230s. William built a fortified Manor House, surrounded by the moat which still survives today. He and his wife Haweis were granted a charter by Henry III to found a chantry.

Since then Groombridge has seen Magna Carta, 100 years war of Black Death, Gambling Debts war and smugglers’ gangs. There was a time when Groombridge Land was visited by Sherlock Holmes and also saw World War I and World War II. Most importantly Groombridge is known for the Gardens and the Groombridge Place between the enchanted forests.

People in Groombridge, UK are now focussing on the overall development of its industrial and commercial interests as a priority. They now know the importance of maintaining the balance between perspectives of job creation, commercial development in tune with modern residential community development thus maintaining the famous Cromwell lifestyle.

Now Groombridge offer prime farmland and land plots for sale to buy for investors, residential, farming, industrial and commercial purposes. The land in UK has already watched appreciation of as much as 1000% during the past 25 years and this offer sounds perfect for coming years as well.

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