Private Investigators

Private Investigators

Private investigators, or PI’s,are people who undertakes investigations. These investigations are often for attorneys in civil cases or often times on behalf of a defense attorney. Many PI’s will work for insurance companies to help in resolving claims. Often times in court before a “no fault” divorce goes ahead, a private investigator will be hired to search and try to find evidence that might lead to some fault, like adultery or illegal conduct within the marriage laws that will aid in grounds for divorce. Although there isn’t much need for legal evidence in cases such as this, it is still reported to be one of the most profitable types of job that a Private investigator can take.

In many jurisdictions PIs are required to be licensed. Different jurisdictions have different laws for whether or not a Private Investigator is able to carry a firearm. In many cases Private Investigators will be former police officers. This is due to their train of thought, and experience in the field. Expected to keep notes in detail, Private Investigators must always be prepared to testify in court with regards to their observations, and discoveries on behalf of their clients.

Often times weird hours of work are required by a PI. This is especially true when performing surveillance work. For example if a PI has to be waiting outside of someone’s house early in the morning, to see what they do before work,etc. Private Investigators must always be careful to remain within the laws. Often examples of where a PI will break the law when doing his or her job is: Breaking into a house, or forbidden tresspassing on private property. This is of course required by law, and care is take by PI’s to ensure they are within this law out of fear of losing their licences as well as facing criminal charges.

Private Investigators are often pictured in many fictional works as well as movies. This is largely due to their exciting and cunning line of work. One of the most famous fictional Private Investigators that I’m sure you’ve heard of is Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is a character that was created by Arthur Conan Doyle, who would call himself in the slang of his time: a “private inquiries agent.”

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