Romancing London Pound For Pound

Romancing London Pound For Pound

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. Each nook and cranny, each towering building and narrow street, each old crumbling castle and verdant countryside celebrate the old and new. London is where Dickens thought of Oliver Twist, where Shakespeare had a Midsummer’s Night Dream, and where Mr. Bean stuck his head inside a turkey. London is where Detective Sherlock Holmes solved cases in Conan Doyle’s stories. It is where Harry Potter traveled by train, from London’s King’s Cross railway station to a magical world of moving photos and hypogriffs.

A Pretty British Penny

In London, nothing is certain except for expense. For five years in a row, London has consistently placed as one of the Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World. As rich in culture and tradition as London may be, it is even richer in tourist spending. Consider the following costs of basic goods and services in London, after conversion from British pound to U.S. Dollar:

• Can of soda:.30 US
• Loaf of bread:$ .60 – .40 US
• Downtown London bus ride: US
• Movie theater ticket:-20 US
• Restaurant meal:-40 US
• Rental of mid-sized car for the weekend:0 US

Hotels in London are just as pricey, with some costing around ,000-,000 US per night! However, before you yell “Blimey,” note that London has more hotels than any other city in Europe. So if you want to avoid dipping into your retirement fund before you can check into comfortable lodging, why don’t you consider staying in budget hotels in London?

B and B: The Place to Be

A Bed and Breakfast, or B&B, is one of the budget hotels in London. This type of boarding house is usually located in huge single family homes. Guests sleep in private bedrooms at night, and are served breakfast in the morning. B&B prices range range from 0 to 0 US.

A Star at 2 and 3-Star Hotels

If B&B is too much of the simple life for you, two and three-star hotels are also an excellent option. These budget hotels in London offer comfortable lodging at an affordable price. Additionally, they often come with personal and personalized service. Most budget hotels in London that are of this variety boast of one to three restaurants with huge menus, and 24-hour room service. Oh, and expect large gyms and garage parking there as well. Prices of 2-star hotels range from about to 0 US. Prices for 3-star hotels range from about to 0 US.

A Guest at a Guest House

A guest house is very similar to a Bed and Breakfast. It is a private home that has been remodeled to accommodate guests. The owner typically lives in a completely different area on the property. The prices of London guest houses range from about to US.

Hostel: Not Hostile to Your Wallet

Hostels form a group of communal budget hotels in London. If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget, a hostel is the most practical lodging option for you. You share a room with up to 10 other people. You sleep in bunk beds, or beds stacked on other beds. You could look upon this arrangement as a hardship, or you could see it as a wonderful adventure. Either way, you get to save money. Hostels will set you back by only or so, but expect no beddings and little service. After all, you can’t have a Porsche for the price of a bike.

London combines the best of all possible worlds. It has the sophistication of a metropolis, and the ruins of a city that has seen many civilizations rise and fall. Make the most of your experience by staying at budget hotels in London. London may be a very costly to visit, but it’s worth every penny. As Samuel Johnson claims, when you’ve seen London, you’ve seen as much of life as the world can show.