White Lighting

White Lighting

On its 35th year of operations, White Lighting remains to be one of the leading providers of illuminating devices in the United Kingdom. Its clientele primarily belongs to the entertainment industry and corporate arena. The company’s first ever job was done in a theater when The Rocky Horror Show was transferred from the Royal Court to the Kings Road. Up to this time, they are still the very suppliers.

Now catering to a whole lot of other business sectors, White Lighting is all the more patronized in big productions even in the rise of others of its kind. It is especially true in the West End, a London stage guide. As a matter of the fact, the company has already worked with musical programs such as Spamalot, The Producers, Evita, Billy Elliot and Chicago, among the others.

Over the periods, White Lighting continues to offer its designers the latest tools available in the market. It has been looking into avenues where the technologies utilized can also be obtainable to others at a lower cost. Even if the company’s loyal customers are notable in the society, it will stay as blissful when the service asked is only to send two fixtures in a school play, perhaps.

White Lighting may have been popularly branded as a company that accepts tune- ups in broadway venues. Currently, it has spread its scope such as having a team brought to a place and install the necessary connections. The firm has employed licensed engineers who will check on all sorts of equipments. When the contract is in a long- term note, all the more that the staff will be able to address any technical issues that will emerge in the future.

Aside from taking care of the wirings, the company also presents value- added services such as designing, operation, specification and crewing, to name a few. Assessment documentation for health and safety will also be covered like for example, the Christmas tree project located at Painshill Park in Surrey. It was even featured in a magazine called Country Life.

Putting that the company would not be able to find the exact merchandise, White Lighting will also custom made any item. What a treat that is since it means to say that there will be a personal touch from the manufacturer as well as from the one who made the request. Its optical effect system called VSFX has been the method suggested by other professionals.

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